Your hockey club needs you!

Your support is needed now, more than ever before, due to the unfortunate loss of the Milton Keynes National Hockey Stadium and the higher costs (renting stands and portaloos etc) of hosting the Varsity matches at Southgate, which is proving a financial strain for the clubs.

Without support from the 1890 club, there is a risk that the Universities will not be able to afford the usual level of facilities for the Varsity Matches as we know them, such as the stands and tents, or to provide tankards for the players, to the detriment of the day as a whole.

In order to support both CUHC and OUHC financially, and to preserve the unique atmosphere of the Varsity Matches (and not just the Blues Matches), the 1890 club has set up a trust to be funded by voluntary contributions from 1890 Club members any donations you make in excess of the 10 subscription fee will go directly towards supporting the clubs in hosting the Varsity match.

Letter to prospective members

Last updated on 20th February 2008.